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Our Filthy Bean Recipe

Bag of Filthy Bean's

Includes; 24 ounces of local Pinquito Beans and our own Filthy Seasoning $10.00


12 ounces of beans, soaked

One bag of Filthy spices

a quarter cup of brown sugar

Half of a chopped white onion

Half of a diced Jalapeno w/seeds in

half a cup of diced green chili's

a cup of diced and peeled tomatoes

half a pound of chopped and browned bacon

half a pound of browned ground meat

Add salt and/or pepper to your taste

Soak 12 ounces of beans over night filling the pot with water about an inch above the beans

In the morning, ass more water until the water level is again, and inch above the beans

Add all ingredients to the pot. Bring to a boil and then let simmer for the next 6 hours, stirring occasionally

We have purposefully left out one or two ingredients that make our beans what they are...the best darn Filthy Beans out there. Feel free to add to the recipe anything you think would make them just what you like.